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  • The Graduate

    The Graduate


    I don’t know if I prefer The Graduate or The Matrix as my favorite movie I’ve seen in film class. No matter, I got this movie on blu-ray last Christmas and finally got the chance to rewatch it. It’s the type of movie you can relate to if you’ve had that feeling like you don’t know what to do about you’re future, while also having something else big to deal with at the same time. It’s also able to mix…

  • Se7en



    It took me until rewatching Seven last night for me to fully appreciate it. Even though I thought it was great the last time I watched it, it stuck out in my mind afterwards ever since and I was waiting to rewatch it ever since. This is one of the best looking movies I’ve ever seen as they use low-key lighting and dark colors in every scene to really capture this mystery of finding the killer who uses the seven…

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  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    Mortal Kombat 2021 is a fun little action movie that is filled mostly with scenes of characters fighting and not much story. It’s  the type of movie I’d watch once, be entertained, and then forget about it. I’ve never played the game nor have I seen any of the previous adaptations from the 90s, so I’m just judging this as a film on its own with no point of reference. 


  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    Blade Runner is the type of movie you have to watch multiple times to understand. I watched this for film class but I had seen it multiple times already when I was younger and watching it now at an older age, I understand it a lot more. It just sucks you into this dystopian 2019 where technology is everywhere and society is corrupt. This ties into the themes of what it’s like to live and that you should appreciate the…