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  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma


    Occasionally misleading in what are probably positive ways for humanity.

    Just in case you didn’t know, there are a huge amount of alternatives to every social service discussed in this film and more, and the only reason you haven’t heard about them is because they don’t control the conversation.

    You don’t just have a choice between using social media and not - you have a choice of social medias. (And search engines, email clients, and on and on.)

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  • Greyhound



    Examining Fred Rogers' debut Atlantic-theatre naval anxiety compilation.

    It's a little late to write about Greyhound - Tom Hanks' first screenwriting credit - which released on Apple TV+ this past Father's Day, June 21st. Though I definitely left my quite severe obsession with WWII history in my prepubescence, I thought I'd remark on this film because I originally hoped it would fulfill a role I'd long wanted for: the destroyer-side compliment to U-boat films like Das Boot and U-571. James…

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  • Winchester


    When you have Helen Mirren’s talent (the singular redeemable component of this film) and a genuinely-interesting, unsettling piece of American lore, it’s an actual travesty to fuck it up this bad. Literally nothing but jump scares. Rose Red makes this plot dangerously redundant. Watch it instead, if you must.

  • Motocrossed



    Amazing in every way. Probably just should’ve been called Gender, though. Thank goodness this film invented homosexuality!