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  • Thee Wreckers Tetralogy

    Thee Wreckers Tetralogy


    Oh, for a sec', he thought he heard a voice
    But it's okay, I'm just glad you are here
    He's not dead, he's only dreaming
    Heard it all before, don't want nothing more
    Don't need nothing more

    After years of viewing these short films separately in different festivals and at home on-demand, my life is now complete with my first official one-run viewing of all four chapters of Thee Wreckers Tetralogy. Growing up with the horrific work of Rosto AD…

  • Beginning



    Silence as a form of excruciating violence. Beginning is a film about how the collective ignorance and dismal of sexual abuse survivors from a society's whole can result in the foundations of masculinity and class structure to crumble upon itself through nature's cruel grasp. A hypnotic watch, one reminiscent of the work of Carlos Reygadas — who is ironically enough credited in the film — and is also one of the best films of the year. One of the most beguiling feature debuts in recent memory as well.

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  • Cheatin'



    I would argue that this is Plympton's only good feature film. It's twisted, fun, and disturbed in all the right places. I'm glad that Plympton finally realised that his strongest creative suit is in visual storytelling, and that the direction of a lack of dialogue throughout works most effectively when the drawings emotionally invoke the mute images. There's some questionable logic when it comes to the whole consent logic (and even some implied misogyny in the inciting incident) of what…

  • Hair High

    Hair High


    A pretty enjoyable romp from Plympton, that once agains suffers from a strange lack of cohesion in some of its more wacky scenes. If anything, the pacing in this is far more consistent than probably any other film in his filmography, and as a cute lil' forgettable throwback to the 50's high school era, this works pretty effectively as an homage to the romantic and macabre. Nothing special, but also nothing particularly harmful also. A decent cinematic venture, and a pretty great starting point for those who want to get into the work of Bill Plympton.

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  • Radioactive



    The greatest threat to modern cinema isn’t streaming services, comic book flicks, or even trend-setting cinematic universes…

    It’s the rise of the Oscar-bait biopic.

    Taking the life of an influential figure, and minimizing their entire career into a cramped two hour-sub run time seems ludicrous. The existence of this genre to begin with, is simply meant to pander towards nostalgia driven elders, who crave for cinematic fantasies to re-live their idols of yesteryear. In 2019 alone, we have films based…

  • Ammonite



    alexa this is so sad, play WAP by Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion