Lamb ★★★

Originally on this day, I was planning to attend a rare digital presentation of Jennifer's Body at the Revue Cinema. However, as a non-local to the Toronto-sphere, the TTC fucked me over and I pretty much went in a random circle around downtown; forcing me to cancel and losing out on my $15 ticket. I was pretty much in an emotional shamble; where if it wasn't for my good friend Kat, I pretty much would have broken down in the middle of Ontario Place. But I digress.

My solution was to finally watch Lamb, a film that I regrettably missed at this year's Cannes Film Festival. It only seemed right, since I was in the middle of reading week and there was very little school tasks to complete at the time. It also seemed appropriate given the circumstance, since the last indie I watched at the Winston Churchill Cineplex (aka the place I work at) was Blue Bayou, another Cannes 2021 Un Certain Regard competition title. And so, I went to the Winston Churchill cinema to attend their final EVER Lamb screening. I purchased an overpriced personal pepperoni pizza & large popcorn bucket in the VIP lounge (which also so happened to be the exact sector I worked in) and settled for the movie madness to come.

Point being, I enjoyed the film for the most part. Sure I wasn't in the best headspace, but as an Icelandic deadpan romp about grief, nature's tolerance, and weird baby-animal hybrids — I was amused for the most part. But I do gotta say that this film could have been WAYYYYY more engaging if they ditched the whole family togetherness angle, and instead turned the film's second chapter into an unwelcomed stranger parable — in which the runaway character in question so happens to look identical to the missing twin brother of the film's distressed male lead. Just imagine the hijinks, the possibilities, the perfect duet between dark comedy and genuine horror!!! What a shame, but the movie is still good for what it is. Thumbs up for ram daddy.

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