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  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    It’s dumb fun, didn’t think it was as great as I’ve heard from a lot of people but nevertheless there are certainly worse ways to spend an hour and a half 

    Big fan of Samara Weaving though, hoping to see her a lot more

  • Hustlers



    This movie rocks

    a really solid romp with slick direction and a great energy. All the performances ranged from good to great but the screen presence that J-Lo bought was something really special. 

    It did definitely feel it’s length and I wish it showed a bit more of the decline of the relationship between the main protagonists as well as focusing a bit more on the repercussions. 

    Also Cardi B was surprisingly good in her minor role and I wish she was in it more. 

    Overall a great surprise and something I could recommend to most people.

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  • Magnolia



    I wish PTA still made movies like this, like yeah sure The Master and There Will Be Blood are obviously great but i feel like they lack a lot of personality when compared to this or Boogie Nights.

    All the performances are great with Tom Cruise surprisingly being the stand out. It’s a lot to digest in one viewing and I feel as if upon a rewatch more of the themes and nuances will start to reveal themselves.

    Really beautiful movie and does not feel it’s length at all. Not quite as good as Boogie Nights but definitely worth a watch

  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    This movie is fucking weird 

    Really fucking good
    But really fucking weird 

    I don’t really wanna get in to any more detail because I feel like the best way to experience this movie is by going in blind, I unfortunately had a pretty big part of it spoiled for me and I imagine that if that hadn’t happened this could’ve gotten to 5 stars. What I will say however is that this is worth a watch just for the rap scene alone.

    Also Lakeith is fucking great and should really be in the spotlight more often