• Paddington 2

    Paddington 2


    Absolutely wonderful through and through

    One of the rare children’s films where the adults will be able to derive as much if not more enjoyment than kids.

    Clever, funny and heartwarming Paddington 2 certainly stands amongst the upper echelon  of children’s films

  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    Would have worked so much better as a mini series

  • Des



    David Tennant is riveting in a tense and fascinating serial killer drama

    I’ve also never been the first to log a review about anything so yippee

  • Eat My Shit

    Eat My Shit

    I literally don’t understand how they managed to make this not the best thing ever

  • La Haine

    La Haine


    Did somebody say m-m-m-masterpieceeeee

  • Tenet



    Tenet has a lot to be commended for, it’s tight, the practical effects work great, visually appealing, a great cast and last but not least a pretty great concept. The only question is does Nolan capitalise on this concept? 

    Well, kind of...

    Tenet suffers from wanting to have its time bending cake and eat it too. In a lot of ways it feels bloated, convoluted and a bit like the product of the “complex” Christopher Nolan circle jerk that’s been…

  • Booksmart



    A lot better than expected.

    Poignant, warm and funny with some great central performances and writing.

    A very formulaic story and you can tell exactly where it’s going but a very good time nonetheless

  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    It’s dumb fun, didn’t think it was as great as I’ve heard from a lot of people but nevertheless there are certainly worse ways to spend an hour and a half 

    Big fan of Samara Weaving though, hoping to see her a lot more

  • Hustlers



    This movie rocks

    a really solid romp with slick direction and a great energy. All the performances ranged from good to great but the screen presence that J-Lo bought was something really special. 

    It did definitely feel it’s length and I wish it showed a bit more of the decline of the relationship between the main protagonists as well as focusing a bit more on the repercussions. 

    Also Cardi B was surprisingly good in her minor role and I wish she was in it more. 

    Overall a great surprise and something I could recommend to most people.

  • Vice



    After absolutely loving The Big Short I had high expectations for this movie

    Unfortunately these were not met as it lacked so much of the personality that made The Big Short so good

  • Bernie



    Pioneered by a great central performance from Jack Black the movie just doesn’t seem to have fun with a premise that it obviously recognises the absurdity in. Richard Linklater has proven himself to be a great director but this just felt so flat and lifeless. 

    Certainly one of Jack Blacks best performances though and McCaughey was quite good too in an albeit under utilised role.

  • Magnolia



    I wish PTA still made movies like this, like yeah sure The Master and There Will Be Blood are obviously great but i feel like they lack a lot of personality when compared to this or Boogie Nights.

    All the performances are great with Tom Cruise surprisingly being the stand out. It’s a lot to digest in one viewing and I feel as if upon a rewatch more of the themes and nuances will start to reveal themselves.

    Really beautiful movie and does not feel it’s length at all. Not quite as good as Boogie Nights but definitely worth a watch