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  • Karl Marx City

    Karl Marx City


    The German Democratic Republic was the most intensely surveilled society in human history, and yet — as time marches on and the Cold War becomes nothing more than a memory, gray and alien — the fundamental irony of such a perfect spy state grows more striking by the day: By obsessively monitoring their friends and neighbors, the GDR’s secret police were creating a perfect documentary of themselves.

    For proof of that fact, look no further than Petra Epperlein and Michael…

  • I Called Him Morgan

    I Called Him Morgan


    This previous Oscar season was full of surprises, but chief among them was that the movie world suddenly found itself hosting a passionate conversation about the inherent blackness of jazz, and the tenuous share that white musicians — or connoisseurs — might possess of the art form. “La La Land,” in its own particular way, encouraged audiences to reckon with the history of jazz, and to consider whose it might be to preserve and pass down. But for all of…

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  • Carol



    probably as close as I'll ever come to knowing what it feels like to find Jesus.


    UPDATE: i found jesus. Carol was better.

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    Jacques Demy for the digital age... walks the uneasy bridge between romance and reality almost as nimbly as Singin' in the Rain did the one between silent films and talkies.

    i think this is a more difficult — and more rewarding — film than some people are expecting, or will be interested in seeing. the way it disintegrates from the technicolor to the quotidian, from a romance about movies to a movie about romance... it's a bold move, executed to…