Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) ★★★

taking a month off work to take care of my son (New York Paid Family Leave: Hey, At Least it's Something!™"), and finally decided to watch this because he had a blowout 2 minutes in to PAPER MOON and that sorta ruined the moon so i needed to call an audible (if you don't know what a "blowout" is, imagine the baby equivalent of SUICIDE SQUAD; it's wet, it's awful, and it stains everything it touches). anyway, BIRDS OF PREY slaps much harder than expected. also, there's a Kesha needle drop. and it owns. it's like i've always said: Gotham needs more Kesha. And the movies need less "Black Betty." Much less. From here on out, "none Black Betty" is the only acceptable level of "Black Betty." okay the ambien's kicking in and the sirens wailing through my neighborhood on the way to the NYC hospitals always sound like they're searching for me. but i'm holed up, man. wish i had some weed. all the panic about stocking up the apartment and we forgot the one thing that might actually help get us through. did buy a kingsized box of Cookie Crisps, tho, and so look for me to be THRIVING in the wastelands to come.