Bisbee '17 ★★★½

Located just seven miles from the Mexican border and caught in a self-reflexive time loop that forces it to constantly re-enact its own history, the city of Bisbee, Arizona couldn’t be more ripe for a Robert Greene movie if he had founded the place himself. A Twilight Zone mining town that turned its bottomless copper mine into a tourist attraction shortly after it shut down in the ’70s, Bisbee survives by miming the same work that once made it rich. Someone describes it as “the town too loved to die.” For Greene, whose documentaries (“Actress,” “Kate Plays Christine”) regularly invite their subjects to perform the past in order to humiliate the porous borders between fact and fiction, Bisbee was just waiting for someone to capture it on camera. It would have been a natural canvas for Greene, even if not for the low-key ethnic cleansing that’s haunted the city for the last 100 years.