Charlie Victor Romeo ★★★½


just so far as it plays into my personal fears, this was about as harrowing as it gets. i was trembling by the time i reached the opening title card. sorry UNITED 93, you had a good run, but you are no longer the worst possible film to screen on an airplane.

having said that, as strong as the performances are, i'm not sure if the normalized approach accomplishes enough to compensate for the lack of particulars supplied to each crash. using the same small, easily recognizable cast returns the viewer to a stable place where they can be pulverized anew, but the human element is certainly lost, as is any clear commentary on how national culture affected these incidents. and it gets complicated by how things are colored in that weren't on the audio transcripts... the pilots checking out the ass of a flight attendant, silent cues invented for this piece. it's thorny stuff and it doesn't sit easy, which mirrors how i feel every time i step on a plane in the first place.