Deadpool ★½

not a parody, just a cheap superhero movie that ceaselessly reminds you it knows how lazy & stupid it is.

you can't afford to make a pure superhero subversion, because it has to cost $$$ in order to look the part. but Deadpool also had to be super inexpensive in order to finance a hard-R movie about a juvenile 4th-rate superhero with a tangential relationship to the X-Men... so it's like a 7-10 split and the film throws the ball straight down the middle. it ends up falling into the same traps that it exists to mock, and it doesn't have the wit or filmmaking muscle to make that look good.

Van Wilder was funnier in Van Wilder. Morena Baccarin deserves better. mildly concerned for anyone above the age of 15 who likes this movie.

and where's Dogpool?!?!

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