Donkey Skin

Donkey Skin ★★★★½

dear lord, did i love this movie.

there's something inherently sinister about these vintage fairy tales, which are so boastfully naked in their storytelling that a raw sexuality emanates from the furniture. maybe i've just watched too much Borowczyk, but in sublimating all thoughts of sex into a storybook-pure concept of "love," all eros assumes a darker desire. i know Demy loves this stuff, but there's something really unsettling when a filmmaker capable of such darkness feigns innocence... like Herzog with HEART OF GLASS.

anyway, as much as DONKEY SKIN would obviously be inconceivable without BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, i'll take this any day of the week. i may even prefer this to Demy's other musicals, even though it loses a bit of steam in the 2nd half... no, UMBRELLAS is best, but so oppressive. how nice to have them all.

Jean Marais was born to play agonized fairy tale kings... what are the odds that he would be born at the *perfect* time to make a career of it?

also, if you watch this on Hulu Plus, the "recommended viewing" tabs below this movie are an orgy of delights. click without thinking.