Get Me Roger Stone

Get Me Roger Stone ★★★½

You may not know Roger Stone’s name, but I absolutely guarantee that you’re familiar with his work. A self-described “agent provocateur” who’s dedicated his entire life to becoming (and remaining) the Machiavellian puppet-master of American politics, Stone is the closest thing that Washington D.C. has ever had to a genuine supervillain. Transformed by a chance encounter with a radioactive Barry Goldwater book when he was just a kid, Stone immediately began fashioning himself into a destructive force of nature. It would take a while before the body-building dandy started dressing like the Riddler, but in first grade he was already feeding his classmates disinformation about how a certain presidential candidate was in favor of school on Saturdays, and at 19 he became the youngest person named in the Watergate scandal (and he was proud of it).