Godzilla ★★★★½


one of the most satisfying, well-paced & beautifully directed blockbusters since Jurassic Park. a genuine spectacle of humility. Many complaining that the film abandons interest in its characters, but the perils of human egocentrism in the face of global crisis = the entire point. genuinely registers as the first post-human blockbuster. i almost feel like people have been conditioned to the explosive banality of contemporary tentpoles... but if any $200 million monster movie is going to feel like a throwback, this is as fitting a choice as any.

in terms of scale & sophistication, PACIFIC RIM is to GODZILLA as Ralph Bakshi's LORD OF THE RINGS is to Peter Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS. at a certain point i wanted the movie to stop just so i could turn to the other people in the theater and just be like... "um, you guys, how fucking wonderful is this!?" and they would have been all like "dude... it's so fucking wonderful. but also i would like to watch the rest of it now please."

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