La La Land

La La Land ★★★★½

Jacques Demy for the digital age... walks the uneasy bridge between romance and reality almost as nimbly as Singin' in the Rain did the one between silent films and talkies.

i think this is a more difficult — and more rewarding — film than some people are expecting, or will be interested in seeing. the way it disintegrates from the technicolor to the quotidian, from a romance about movies to a movie about romance... it's a bold move, executed to near perfection (there's some stuff in the middle involving John Legend that feels like a first draft).

will be curious to see how it plays on second viewing now that i know what the film has up its sleeve and on its mind... i'm also curious how people roll with this... though i suspect many of the viewers it loses will be roped back in with the effectively heart-stopping finale. and jesus h christ that opening shot is one for the ages.

a HUuuuuGGE step up from WHIPLASH, that's for sure.