Little Monsters ★★★

A few questions might race through your mind during the hectic opening moments of Abe Forsythe’s “Little Monsters,” in which an Australian couple shouts their way through an extended public breakup while bubbly piano music plinks by in the background. Questions like: “is that a Hemsworth?,” “can a zombie comedy perfectly split the difference between Edgar Wright and Taika Waititi?,” and “how are Lupita Nyong’o, Josh Gad, and an invasion of the walking dead going to factor into this?”

Like everything else in this funny, spirited, and frequently clever 93-minute romp, the answers come fast and furious (“no,” “almost,” and “with the reckless abandon of a movie that doesn’t have any time for nonsense like ‘reasons’ and ‘logic’ because it’s too busy with a Neil Diamond singalong”). Alexander England — who honestly might still be a Hemsworth, despite what the internet and his birth certificate might tell you — stars as David, a scruffy blond musician with a bad case of stunted manhood. Forsythe’s script doesn’t get into specifics until the third act, but it’s clear from the start that David might be a bit too invested in his “stadium rock/death metal” band God’s Sledgehammer to really invest in a human relationship, or make room for the kids that sometimes come as a result.