Paddington 2

Paddington 2 ★★★★★

perfect film.

a MAGIC MIKE XXL-level delight (my highest recommendation).

obviously a refutation of Brexit, but naturally also such an imaginative, inclusive, open-hearted response to Trump's "shithole" mindset and xenophobia in general. My (sold out) NYC audience clapped during the credits… and then promptly shut the hell up as the brilliant final number kicked in.

also, this Paul King guy is a low-key master in the making. there are few "adult" filmmakers out there who couldn't learn something from how seamlessly this film sparks from riffing on Chaplin to commenting on the beauty of basic human decency… from MODERN TIMES to modern times without skipping a beat, both sides smashed together with globs of delicious marmalade.

Oscars for everybody. a Nobel Peace Prize for Hugh Grant.

see this IMMEDIATELY. yes, it probably helps to have seen the (wonderful but admittedly inferior) first installment before you go. but like… that's not much of a chore.

the other movies of 2018 have their work cut out for them.