The Invisible Man ★★★½

can't decide if that tech dude's mansion would be a good place to be quarantined or a terrifying / desolate / super drafty place to be quarantined. although at this point i'm starting to feel like *any* house — even the kind of desolate cliffside fortress that 's basically just what a billionaire tech bro might design after watching HEAT once — would be nice to be stuck inside these days. at least my son can't crawl yet. and my local walgreens finally got a second type of pop-tarts (s'mores! so sick of that icing-free chocolate chip shit. even during a terrifying global pandemic with no end in sight that just doesn't cut it). anyway, what were we talking about? oh, right, The Invisible Man. yeah, this is good. but you know that already. hope everyone out there is holding up (and staying in).