The Lobster

The Lobster ★★★★½

i want to be turned into a giant sea turtle so i can watch this movie for 150 years.

ALSO: The Lobster Colin Farrell is *so good* that he makes True Detective Colin Farrell look like Winter's Tale Colin Farrell.

not sure i can remember a director so gracefully moving away from his native language (maybe Park Chan-wook with Stoker, but other, less recent examples elude me). in many respects, this feels like the *most* Lanthimos movie to date, a touch broader than his usual stuff but no less insightful or resonant for it. methinks it's less a study of singledom vs. monogamous coupling than it is an uncertain portrait of the mysterious hows & whys of what brings people together, the cost of it falling apart, and the danger of trying to force the issue. but return visits and more time to chew are a must.

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