Things to Come

Things to Come ★★★★½

It’s never a good idea to take public transportation home from a funeral, but sexagenarian philosophy professor Nathalie Chazeaux (Isabelle Huppert) insists on learning that lesson the hard way. Crumpled against the window of a bus as it groans its way through the streets of Paris, Nathalie begins to cry. The teenage girl sitting in the seat across from her eyeballs the scene like she’s resisting the urge to Instagram it, like she has no idea that it’s only a matter of time before we’re all the woman crying on the bus. That’s when Nathalie spies Heinz (Andre Marcon), still technically her husband, walking around town with the young woman who recently inspired him to walk out on his wife of 25 years.

Sometimes, life is subtle — sometimes, it’s so in your face that you just have to laugh. And that’s exactly what Nathalie does, chortling in disbelief at the complete perfection with which her world has been turned upside down.