Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ★★

is casting a white guy as an Afghan still kinda racist if that white dude is LIVING GOD OF CHARM Alfred Molina??

the answer is... well, you know what the answer is. sorry, Alfred.

anyway, there's not much of a movie here, but i watched it on a plane and it has Margot Robbie, so obviously it gets 5 stars.

actually, let's do the math.

1. so we start with the 5 stars, as reasoned above.
2. minus 1 star for each of the two white dudes who play pivotal arab characters (including Christopher "I was born in Greenwich and also on Girls" Abbott"... who actually gives a nice performance, all things considered).
3. plus 1 star for the "that's bad for women" joke from the trailer
4. minus 3 stars for the fact that Tina Fey's character is a total wash.
5. plus 1 star for playing "Nude" at the end there.

and that's how movie criticism is done, folks.