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  • Dredd



    Domhnall Gleeson, everyone. unapologetically nihilistic nuts & bolts approach works wonders, but CG blood and ill-conceived action beats gut the fun.

  • The Watch

    The Watch


    saw on the flight back from england. maybe it's because i saw the film in the $800 premium D-Box experience in an oxygen-deprived atmosphere as i hurtled over the atlantic ocean in a metal tube of death, but i laughed a few times before the perfunctory plot suffocates things in the 3rd act.

  • Ministry of Fear

    Ministry of Fear


    in which Fritz Lang invented "Cake Noir."

  • Red Dawn

    Red Dawn


    As with any mediocre '80s movie that retains a small ironic foothold in contemporary culture, remaking John Milius' Red Dawn was inevitable. A gun-stroking orgy of jingoistic Cold War carnage starring a gaggle of Spokane teens fighting back the Soviet forces who've invaded their hometown, Milius' original film plays like an unholy cross between Battle of Algiers and Gleaming the Cube, streaked with scarlet paranoia and sticky with misspent testosterone. A few years ago, someone who hates money decided that…