You Were Never Really Here

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This review may contain spoilers.

a masterwork in adaptation as well as filmmaking as a whole. ramsay's decision to alter the book's narrative of one person saving another to two people saving each other adds so much resonance to the story. it's not only giving girls back the power that's routinely taken from them in these sorts of films; it's a change that fits better thematically with the story ramsay's trying to tell. joe needs saving just as much as nina does. their trauma travels in parallel, and although there are no easy resolutions, they do - in a sense - save each other. there's more catharsis to that narrative than the one of the book, in which nina has no agency and joe is never allowed any kind of closure. there's a genuine hope at the end of the film that contrasts perfectly with the brutality preceding it. it's a beautiful day.

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