Naked ★★★★

Incredible prequel to Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban. Much darker in tone, honestly - Lupin seems to have been a lot more sordid in his younger days, although he admits to being a werewolf in the second scene at least!

Seriously though, this was one of those movies where, during the main character's long philosophical rant at the center of the story, I realized that I'm going to be revisiting to fully appreciate sometime in the future. For this first viewing, I just felt gobsmacked and gut punched, delirious as the protagonist by the ending. It's a portrait of how fucking up in life can make the entire world feel cloaked in doom. It's a vibe I know all too well - every minute feeling perched on a knife edge, waiting for the proverbial sword of Damocles to fall on my head. How that personal apocalypse spreads to encompass all of existence, well that's turned into exquisite poetry here.

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