Stalker ★★★★★

"May everything come true. May they believe. And may they laugh at their own passions. For what they call passion is not really the energy of the soul, but merely the friction between the soul and the outside world. But above all may they believe in themselves and become as helpless as children. For softness is great and strength is worthless."

This plea, from the titular Stalker, is basically how I feel about the movie.

It's a heady tet-a-tet of ideas, but also a children's imagination game, like The Floor Is Lava. It's a scifi movie with no special effects and no technology. It's an exploration of life and spirituality, following three damaged men as they enter a realm of sudden death and decay. It's one of the most beautiful films ever made. It's maybe my favorite film.

Watching Stalker, I feel my soul taking flight.

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