Deepwater Horizon ★★★

This disaster movie starting Mark Walhberg, is an epic emotional movie, with lots of drama and a great score. The cinematography is great, with the huge explosions and an uncontrollable fire, as we see the sheer destruction and impact of the oil rig explosion. The acting in the film is great from Mark Walhberg as we see his close relationship with his partner and his fear of loosing her is what helps him fight and escape the most dangerous situation alive whilst trying to help save and rescue as many people as possible. Kurt Russel plays a huge role in the film as he is in charge of the workers at the rig, and is unhappy when they haven’t done their jobs sufficiently enough. The drama and violence and danger is a cinematic masterpiece and I recommend watching this film at least once. 

Overall I’d rate this a 3/5 ⭐️ it is not the most rewatch able movie, there’s good acting and a sense of heroism when helping save those in danger. However it is a great spectacle with good cinematography. 

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