Love Hard

Love Hard ★★★

Love Hard was directed by Hernan Jimenez and was released in 2021. This movie stars Nina Dubrev, Jimmy O Yang, Darren Barnet and many more. 

This movie is all about a young woman who meets a man online and decides to pursue her dreams by visiting his home town for Christmas, and surprising him. Once she arrives there she discovered she has been catfished. 

This is a solid romantic/action movie, with some nice moments; and some decent humour. The movie is all about a woman deciding between a man who she prefers in terms of looks or the man she found a genuine happiness and connection with despite the fact of him lying to her about who he really was. This movie provides alot of good moments where dilemma’s occur and characters have to make difficult decisions which could be costly for the future of their life and potential relationships. The movie has a Christmas feel as it is set around Christmas and the whole part of family helps bring the couple together in a nice feel good way. 

Overall I’d rate this movie a 3⭐️ with this movie you get what you expect, some happy moments, a predictable ending but also a nice happy feel leading up to Christmas. 

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