Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★

First rewatch of Tarantino's epic western. Its epic length probably not a part of the homage to the classic westerns it likes to emulate, more to do with the fact that, like so many of his peers, Quentin has either given into self-indulgence and/or has lost the ability to tell a concise story.
Perhaps this should have been split into two films, a la Kill Bill: part one, 'Django', would basically just be the first 90 minutes of the film, which is the director paying tribute to Leone, Ford, Peckinpah and whoever else in the film's melange of different styles and landscapes. Part two, then, would be 'Unleashed', the rescue mission part, ie, when our heroes rock up to Leo's Candyland crib and all of that. Just a thought.
The film shimmers on Blu-ray, and I was struck by how colourful it is. Not that it's artificially bright and cartoonish, just that it has now become noticeable when films aren't subject to washed-out colour grading. Watching it again, it's Jamie Foxx's performance that emerges from the shadow of his showboating co-stars, with his own low-key and effective take on the taciturn, grimly determined western hero. Great film.

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