Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder ★★

It’s probably just me but every time I watch a comic book movie that’s less than around 130 minutes 
I tend to get that feeling that something is missing. Thor: Love and Thunder has big personalities but its short runtime (119 minutes) makes it feel small and insubstantial. Bale and Portman are great additions this time around but their characters get no time to breathe. The first act takes so long to get going doing away with the Guardians and catching us up on Jane Foster that by the time you get to the final act it feels like there was never a second act to begin with. The entire movie is joke joke joke joke joke which, okay fine, that’s basically what an old Apatow film used to be like, but the hit rate on the jokes here isn’t as high as Taika thinks it is. Thor’s transition from Shakespearean hero to Himbo has for the most part worked but has been dialed up to the extreme now. Remember when Kevin from The Office went from dumb to someone with a very low IQ? That’s what’s happening to Thor in real time.

And the mid credits scene…congrats to the actor (who everyone loves) but am I supposed to be excited about that? Seriously? Can Kevin Feige please tell us where the MCU is going? I’m done defending how scattershot everything feels.

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