The Platform

The Platform ★★

The Platform started out with a strong message and a solid plot; but it slowly fell through the cracks as the movie progressed. It suffers from a repetitive plot point that if you skipped through it, you’d still understand where the film is headed. It’s like expecting a person to arrive but instead makes you wait and ghosts you ultimately. The Platform wasn’t able to carry out its intended purpose as it was kind of lost in its own complicated web of stories that didn’t need to be woven onto its already-perfect thread. And that ending? Come on. Films that serve as a commentary about society have been doing this “it’s up to your interpretation” for years now and its getting tiring. You’re diminishing the intended impact even more by doing this. It’s not about the “rich bad, poor good” narrative. There has to be a bolder statement that encapsulates what it means to have a society that’s fair and just. Sadly, The Platform thinks this is the only way to go for a premise like this.

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