The Favourite

The Favourite

Every re-watch of this film confirms something new for me. This latest venture cemented just how gratifying it was that the academy awards recognized this film at all, even if it deserved to come away with more wins than just the one (but if it had to win just one, thank god it went to Olivia. I’ll just tell myself Emma and Rachel must have split the vote between themselves). 

Perhaps it was the guise of a period setting that allowed voters to let this into their hearts, but this film is god damn weird, in the kind of absurdist way that would lead me to expect the academy to disregard this one as it doesn’t fall neatly into the “formula” of typical Oscar bait dramas. Yes, weird movies garner nominations for sure, but the way voting is structured does not usually curry them favor. The fact that a Yorgos Lanthimos flick got 10 or so nominations made me very happy indeed. 

Of course, everything else is sublime and I love this movie so so much.

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