Audition ★★★½

One of the only films to ever make me feel physically sick while watching it. 'Audition' contains a great slow burn story following a Japanese executive's unfortunate search for love. As the narrative progresses the tension builds nicely but it isn't all doom and gloom due to some subtle humour added to the mix. In the last half an hour or so however, metaphorical shit hits the fan and the film takes no prisoners. We are treated to some truly horrid imagery that can be as perplexing as it is disturbing. One or two particular moments actually drew audible gasps in horror at what I was witnessing. While hearing the pure joy in the disturbed date Yamazaki's voice as she gleefully exclaims "Deeper! Deeper!" is going to send shivers down my spine for weeks.

Despite my disgust for some of the films content this is probably for me one of the better gore-centric films out there. It's not perfect but the story is well thought out and the gore feels like it has a purpose in the narrative rather than just to create shock value or to rack up a body count. It mostly feels like a harrowing insight into a potential worst case scenario for if you accidentally fall for a disturbed and damaged individual. Let's just say that it isn't pretty.

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