Speed Racer ★★★★½

I put this movie on in the background while I was doing other stuff, so I won't go into a full review of it, but let me just say that this is just about a perfect movie for me. It's kinetic, colourful, earnest and heartfelt with a great sense of style and some very interesting narrative techniques.

My only problem is that some of the violence felt tonally inconsistent. The 'torture' scene near the beginning of the film (as well as some more scenes throughout) felt too heavy and intense for the rest of the film. Also, Matthew Fox isn't the best actor, nor does he get the best lines, but his goofy and camp delivery kind of work with the goofy and camp lines he is tasked to deliver.

I have a feeling (and I know this is said a lot, about a lot of different films) that this will be one of those films that in ten years will be looked back on as a revolutionary, interesting, genuinely inventive, and under-appreciated classic. Easily the Wachowski's best film.