The Rocky Horror Picture Show ★★★★★

This is the third time I've seen this at the cinema, and the first time I've seen it projected in 2K Digital (and indeed the first film I've seen projected in 2K).
Compared to the print I saw last time the image is much clearer and free of blemishes, burns and spots. This isn't necessarily a negative, as I felt some of the charm was missing. However, the charm was traded in for amazing remastered surround sound. It really pays to see musicals with the best sound possible.

Like last time I saw it people dressed up and danced which really added to the atmosphere. People yell out lines, answer questions the characters pose and interact with the film throughout. It's kind of like playing "Who's Line is it Anyway" with everyone in the audience and it's just as good and bad as that sounds. Some people are spot on and really hilarious, while others' jokes fall flat. As a theatre going experience it's one of the best I've had (though not quite as good as the time I saw it projected in 35mm).

As for the film itself I think it's just about perfect. There is one part that drags a bit, and tellingly it's the expository section, and the part where the themes of sexual liberation and freedom are solidified. From the start of the dinner scene to the scene where they are ''de-medusa'd'' goes on for a bit long and only has 2 songs, 1 being the worst of the film (Scott's song at dinner). However, they do economically explain the very complex and convoluted plot.

As for the rest: perfection. The songs rock, the performances are pitch perfect and Tim Curry is scintillatingly spectacular. The sets, script, costume design, everything just works together and creates this fun, campy and freakishly infectious atmosphere to which people have obviously responded.

The most fun you'll have with your pants on... or off, as was the case for some audience members.