Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ★★★

Yea... not a fan of this Harry Potter movie😬 This is actually the first Harry Potter movie I’ve disliked. It started off really drab compared to the other Harry Potter movies where my interest is immediately peaked. And again, the plot just felt messy unlike the first four movies. Cmon David Yates, So far 2/4 of the Harry Potter movies you’ve directed have been some of my least favorite but I know you can make a comeback. (Why couldn’t Alfonso Cuarón or Mike Newell direct more Harry Potter movies😡) Overall, pretty unmemorable and could’ve been shortened by probably an hour honestly. 

Was it completely necessary to have another upset story line with Hermione upset with Ron over a dance (sorta)? Also, I quite confident that the actress who plays Ginny auditioned to be Luna Lovegood but didn’t get the role so that’s why she always speaks with no emotion. Last thing. Quidditch is literally the most “cheatable” game. 

Also, maybe it’s just me but it felt like there was no clean transition from Snape going from bad to good. I know the events of the previous movie sparked rapid change but a little scene at the end of the last movie would’ve done the job in my humble opinion. And, the reveal that Snape was the half-blood prince had no shock value. It just felt like a background thing throughout the whole movie so when it was recessed I just didn’t care.

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