Nobody ★★½

I really wanted to like this movie because I am a Bob Odenkirk fan but it just was not very good in my opinion. It did have it’s moments though. The combat scenes were really well choreographed and surprisingly gory (like close to John Wick level of gore). There were also funny moments here and there. Soundtrack was also fun. 

But, the negatives just seemed to overwhelm the positives while I was watching. First of all, the pacing was extremely weird. I expected the climax of the film to be when he was going after the money stash but they just zoomed right by that (in like less than a minute). And speaking of the climax the introduction of the other character just seemed obvious and odd sort of. And lastly, the film just lacked logic. For instance, when he was in the trunk of the car it made no sense that they would make it escapable. And, the henchman were told to capture him alive but went in guns blazing. 

Also, it’s hard not to notice the similarities between this and John Wick: the relative of a Russian aristocrat gets involved with main character then the rest is history c

Last thing: we get it, he is a nobody. You don’t need to remind us whenever you have the opportunity.

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