Palm Springs ★★½

Yeah I just never really got into this movie. This goes without saying really but it’s sort of an unoriginal idea and I didn’t find myself laughing (or even exhaling heavily out of my nostrils) even once. I don’t want to completely throw Andy Samberg under the bus here but I just didn’t find him that funny. 

I did like the mystery behind the grandmother knowing a bit too much which led the audience to question her. I also liked the dinosaur metaphor at the end. However, those couple things along with the few good moments I can’t really say I enjoyed it: didn’t really feel redeeming after watching it either. When she figured out how to escape the loop it just felt kind of a lazy way for them to get out. I wish the way of getting out was a bit more creative. 

Also a pretty predictable ending but what can you do about that.