Hereditary ★★½

this blend of family drama and horror elements (in this particular ratio unsuccessfully recalling Possession) seems redundant here – anything approaching metaphor seems to just be banging you on the head everything it's already stated in its largely uninterested first half. wish the genre elements were a bit more opulent – they often came across as flat imitation even in the most outlandish moments. I haven't seen seen any of The Conjuring or Insidious movies but this kind of felt what I imagine those to be like jammed into the proverbial A24 blender. Collette is indeed great at doing what she's directed to do but that direction seems incongruous with the movie around her and not in a way that ever seemed purposeful. and once again the most criminally under-/misused actor Gabriel Byrne is given not much of anything to do. well made with many fleeting moments of genuine interest and at times visually appealing, but what's the point?

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