Rock my Heart ★★★

This is an endearing watch. Its perhaps a bit cliched and its clearly not a big budget film but the characters are nice enough and the plot was intriguing enough to keep me watching it throughout. I have to say im not a massive fan of horses but I liked this in terms of it being about a teenage girl who has been in a bad way asserting herself, trying something new and being independent.

I liked the main character Jana, played by Lena Klenke and the owner of the local stables,Paul Brenner, played by Dieter Hallervorden. He seems quite a determined person who sees the potential in Jana and does his best to push her but later on we see another side of him. I won't say more so as to try not to spoil it for anyone. This is a perhaps somewhat typical TV type film but its a nice film, its quite well acted and I enjoyed the story, so it could certainly be worse. Also, I didn't feel it was overly unnecessarily sentimental, as some such films can be, so I'd recommend it on that basis.