Zero ★★★½

Not sure if Hindi cinema has seen a superstar as brutally honest about their insecurities as SRK (except maybe Raj Kapoor and Meena Kumari)- the scene of him failing to move literal stars in front of his leading costars is almost painful to watch in how directly it mimics his real life fade into obscurity. His inability to make a critically and commercially successful film on full display in front of colleagues.

SRK is seemingly left no where to go: The younger actors have taken his ground of love stories, Aamir Khan completely trounces him in a Pan-India appeal, as does Salman in the single screen space. It seems his response then, is a return to the absurdist and post modern cinema he did in the '90s (Dil se, Oh Darling yeh hai India, Kabhi haan Kabhi naa). Zero, just like Fan, refuses to give anything his core "middle class" NRI and Indian audience has come to expect from his films (do note that slight dig at the self identifying superiority of NRI's as middle class). No bravado, no charm- just a vulgar, frustrated man that can't match up to the women in his life.