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  • Holidate


    Wow. I wanted something light and silly... uh... not sure what this cast is doing here. Emma Roberts works overtime to keep it all going, but it's still incredibly un-fun and un-funny.

  • Pica-Don



    As beautiful as it is horrifying. Hiroshima

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  • Midsommar



    I guess someone thought, "Wicker Man" is a great movie, but what if we actually saw what goes on within that cult? Bad idea.

    I kept thinking: Really? This was the most interesting thing you could imagine?

    Within 5 minutes you guess where the whole thing is going and hope it will instead surprise you.

    And it will surprise you — you will be surprised that, instead of actual horror, you are bombarded with 12-year-old-sensibility moments that make the audience…

  • BlacKkKlansman



    The more I consider it, the more extraordinary this movie seems to me. It mixes nostalgia, humor, horror (it is one of the most horrific films I've seen in a long long time), crime-thriller, and buddy picture. So that even though you know where the story is going, it is a surprising ride. And I think it needs to be a little surprising, it needs to put you off balance because this discussion is far too important to be dismissed…