Midsommar ★½

I guess someone thought, "Wicker Man" is a great movie, but what if we actually saw what goes on within that cult? Bad idea.

I kept thinking: Really? This was the most interesting thing you could imagine?

Within 5 minutes you guess where the whole thing is going and hope it will instead surprise you.

And it will surprise you — you will be surprised that, instead of actual horror, you are bombarded with 12-year-old-sensibility moments that make the audience laugh awkwardly.

And it is SO darn long. Slow cinema is great when it's building to something. Nothing builds here.

I was wishing for the insufferable characters to start getting killed about 30 minutes before they were. Even William Jackson Harper, whom I love, has a thankless role to play.


And is this what we mean by "strong female role"?? A young woman plunged into family tragedy in the opening scene, who remains stupidly, romantically entangled with a selfish bro, and who makes one idiotic, incomprehensible decision after another until everyone's dead? She's never clever or even particularly brave. She's passive until the end and then...