That Uncertain Feeling ★★★★½

A relatively unknown gem. With Ninotchka, this is one of my very favorite Lubitsch films. Both feature charming and hilarious Melvyn Douglas. Both also feature actresses known for serious drama and glamour. Here, Merle Oberon.

There are a lot of "reviews" out there that disparage Oberon's performance, and, for the life of me, I don't know why. She is adorable and a scream as the put-upon wife batted around by husband, shrink, and nutty Marxist.

Yes, nutty Marxist, here portrayed by Burgess Meredith. The "critics" don't like him either, but to my mind, he is doing a perfect spoof of the pretentious, faux-intellectual artist who literally poo-poos everything. (I say that as someone who was that type in younger days.) It must be that the cultural references he's playing on have fallen from popular memory.

Only Lubitsch could find hilarity in the clash of classes and economic sensibilities. Only Lubitsch dared play it out via comedic romance. If only he'd lived through the Cold War.