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  • The Matrix
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  • Green Snake

    Green Snake


    Surely one of the most gorgeous movies ever made? I was legit stunned at the sheer beauty of this film. Lovers of cinematography, you must absolutely rocket this movie to the top of your watchlist. I mean look at these:

    Every..... Other..... Frame..... Could..... Be….. A..... Painting!

    I kid you not the whole movie looks like this, it's not just a handful of carefully-selected shots.

    Link to full album of snapshots I took

    I'm so glad this was finally restored…

  • Dragons Forever

    Dragons Forever


    The more I watch this guy, Yuen Biao, the more amazed I am.


    Stunts - 96/100 | There's legit a stunt at the end of this movie I was wondering just how the hell do you survive this?!

    Narrative - 69/100 | Surprisingly enjoyable and well-rounded for a Sammo Hung flick! My subs were terrible so I guess that didn't help with the melodramatic parts, but many lovely small scenes and character moments.

    Fight Choreography - 96/100 | All…

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  • Crash Landing on You

    Crash Landing on You


    imagine wanting to kill yourself in Switzerland but then years later when you actually want to live you're stuck in... North Korea


    This is quite the emotionally stirring drama. Great lovers in opposite camp story (yes there is such a thing as a great love story). Very earnest.

    I guess their chemistry was so good that it somehow transferred to real life. I think it's quite amazing that the lead actors got married afterwards. Makes the whole thing even more wholesome.

  • Virus



    You know what, this movie has a ridiculous screenplay and it's mostly trash.

    But Donald Sutherland going around being utterly and hilariously jaded, detached, and borderline suicidal in a sinking Russian ship assaulted by a virus beamed down from an alien space vessel that looks like a blue dumpling, while this virus gets to work creating basically awesomely intricate Ultron bots and attempting to cyborgize the humans on the ship (and managing to not kill the black guy first)… certainly…

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  • Police Story 3: Super Cop

    Police Story 3: Super Cop


    That Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh never starred together again on-screen after Supercop is an outright tragedy.

    Everything about these 2 together in this movie is, quite simply, absolute perfection.

    And the rest is pretty damn awesome too.

  • Inside Job

    Inside Job


    The Big Short's realist and even more depressing twin.

    Excellent documentary that highlights just how frustrating it is that

    a) only about 10 people had the power to actually do something about the 2008 financial crisis. Since sociopaths naturally climb to power positions, they didn't give a flying fuck about the consequences of their actions. No surprises there.

    b) nothing happened to those people who were responsible.

    c) even though the source of this shit happened in the USA, it…