A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★½

Coming back after a week break and starting it up again with a slam -- Wes Craven's classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. We're way past Halloween but who cares?

Whatever you do... don't fall asleep.

Absolutely chilling! What an awesome concept to a story, I already knew from the getgo that, barring this movie being outright terrible, I would enjoy it, just due to the concept alone.

I mean, Inception is one of my favorite movies so yeah.

The nightmare scenes are great, and inventive, and disturbing, and gory as well, gosh so much to like from them. Every time, it surprises you with a new twist on things.

But the genius moment of this movie is, without a doubt, the first bedroom murder scene. It's so well directed. Immediate classic scene, and even knowing how they did it, after watching it I was just sitting there like "... holy shit". Reminds me of Ash vs his hand in Evil Dead II -- basically a perfect scene through and through for what it's trying to achieve.

What I also like a lot about this movie is the main character. She's not an idiot. We can't help but root for her because we see how hard she's trying to survive, and understand what's going on. In fact, pretty much everyone else look like idiots. As the audience, we like seeing characters trying hard, trying their best, I'd say it's a fundamental part of viewer engagement (also why lazy characters always seem to "get what's coming to them" and we mind, let's say, less).

Some of the lines are over-acted but nothing too jarring.

The actual ending was a bit weird but I didn't mind. It's funny because another movie I watched the same day which was heavily influenced by this one also had a weird ending. But I thought it worked less effectively than in this one, simply due to the concept here being ripe for it.

But that will have to wait for the next review.

This movie is awesome.

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