Ready Player One ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Look, this movie makes zero sense, but I am a gamer so of course I liked it.

Especially considering the QA side (quality assurance), I can tell you from experience that even professional bug finders can't beat the actual players at backwards thinking or being either exceptionally retarded, innovative, or going completely off-path... as well as making in-game decisions that are so out of left field that no one could have seen them coming. Of course, not even the developers. This is why games take years to patch sometimes.

What I mean to say is that there's no way no one went backwards in that race in the history of the game. People look for exploits in games all the time, especially online games. It had to happen at some point based on someone either playing with their car in reverse and not being aware of it (of course), someone playing on drugs, drunk people doing random shit, a kid doing whatever -- they're the kings of that, etc.

But I like the idea of having to play a specific game inside a game and do something specific inside it in order to unlock a secret (the last key).

In fact, I liked both the 2nd and 3rd keys and their respective "mystery", the only problem was the 1st one which was obviously just there as an excuse to showcase an action sequence filled with references. Taking The Shining's section for example, it was easier to think that no one would have went through that timed sequence, went to the ballroom, jumped in the hole and then danced with the right person. Now that's more likely that no one would have done that in the history of the game, especially since no one knows The Shining's section is a contest to begin with (while everyone knew the race was one).

Also, what's with the whole crowd at the end cheering for them? What the hell did they know about the intricacies of the plot? Apparently everything.

But I still enjoyed this movie. It's stupid, but irreverently so. And I like that!

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