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  • Fake Famous

    Fake Famous


    I was interested to see how this ended up as I was predicting the cute girl would end up getting fake famous the easiest. Unfortunately neither of the guys played along with the experiment like she did.  I looked them up on Instagram and each guy is around 20k and the girl is at 350k. The bit about the pink wall was fascinating, and the creative ways they made their photos look cool was amusing, but overall the experiment didn’t really pan out and the ending seemed a bit abrupt.

  • The Vanished

    The Vanished


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Kind of starts out like a “Very Bad Things” without the intentional comedy. I did laugh pretty hard at the part where there are dozens of cops searching the lake and the couple finds a campfire and the man who is thought to be the prisoner immediately.  I guess that is explained, however, but it was funny at the time. I also found it funny/ridiculous they threw away all of their child’s belongings after five days, or that the husband…