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  • Mr. 3000

    Mr. 3000


    My 3000th film marked watched on letterboxd! A cliche sports movie but Bernie Mac actually makes it kinda charming and watchable.

  • The Karate Kid

    The Karate Kid


    Scavenger Hunt #39 (4/30)
    24. A pop culture classic that you have somehow missed

    I did do karate as a kid (I was bad). I can imagine if I had first seen this at that age I would remember it fondly. It was still fun to watch despite the very naff acting. Many moments I knew without having ever actually seen it but still a real crowd-pleaser.

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  • Man with a Movie Camera

    Man with a Movie Camera


    Film School Drop Outs – Weekly Challenge 2017
    Week 5 - Movement - Russian Montage (1923-1934)

    So far I've found it difficult to adequately convey my thoughts in reviews on this site. For this film, which was transfixing, I'm struggling the most and so will leave it. I'm sure other people who are much better writers on here have said what I want to but more eloquently than I could. Some users doing this challenge include a general summary about…

  • Fright Night

    Fright Night


    Hooptober 4.0 | Ranked Film #17

    1 Tom Holland

    I watched the remake at the time it came out, but I don't remember too much about it.

    Initially I wasn't too into this original version. I didn't care much for the eighties highschooler leads, and I mainly just kept wondering why the vampire barely tried to hide what he was doing. However, half way through, around the time they meet Roddy McDowall, it turned me around. MacDowall and Chris Sarandon…