Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★

Unbelievably disappointing

Downright disrespectful portrayal of Fred Hampton. The film makes no attempt to show any of the communist or social beliefs that Fred Hampton stood for. It feels so unbelievably watered down to pander to liberals. I understand that this is a Hollywood film, but Jesus Christ they barely even mention the fact that Hampton was a communist. 

The film barely sees Fred Hampton as a human being. He is basically only used to have long talks and speeches but he never seemed to have a real human feeling to me at all. It felt completely empty. 

This to me feels like a complete cash grab. It barely tried to make the BPP look how they actually were even though this film tries to be a complete honest portrayal of what happened. 

There is definite positives though. The cinematography is fantastic, and Daniel and Lakeiths performances are quite great. But the movie felt like a completely disrespectful portrait of a movement and a man who deserve so much better. 

Not worth watching. Go watch the actual videos of Fred Hampton giving speeches, stay away from this.

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