The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

This was long due for a rewatch, and I'd say seeing it again refurbished itself as one of the true best movies of the year. I didn't quite buy it the first time. I thought it was extremely good, but I think what disappointed me the most is that it didn't live up to expectations pent up by the incredible hype. The trailer, the vibe, the audience reaction, Chris Allred -- all shaped it up to be the second coming of Christ.

Seeing it again after not thinking of it for months was refreshing, seeing it with a new body and new eyes and such. And as stated earlier, it's renewed itself to me. Not a masterpiece, I'm sorry, but still fucking A. The writing is near perfect, the overall aesthetic passes above average, and the characters are fun and entertaining. Ryan Gosling is wonderful as always, the boy who can do no wrong, but y'know, I can't help but complain that he's a bit of a cartoon here. His physical comedy is flawless, the subtle inflections that add to his panache is well and fine, but man, he got on my nerves by just a hair of how wacky(!) he was trying to be. Still good. Just bothers me.

And as if I'd stop being a whining cynical bastard, the daughter character ain't that great. Stuccmeme creaming in his pants for this girl (ooh, bad analogy) because she's a child who's potty mouthed and witty. Well big whoop. I'm not that easily amused.

I hate writing about movies I like and bitching the whole review. It's just hard for me to express my positive thoughts about what makes an art piece really good. So that sorta explains it when I go through my checking list of "Acting good, cinematography good, script good, etc." Because why say anything of actual value? Why do I not put craftsmanship and hard thought into my reviews anymore? Why not offer something that isn't generic? Why not just do a short and stupid one liner review and get 2,500 likes instead of spending time and effort into something meaningful? This is a cry for help, I'm a sinking ship and I'm slowly giving up. But, y'know, ups and downs, ups and downs. You find your place somewhere.

Another thing is though is that one of the best feelings in the world is picking up on subtle jokes in comedies you haven't caught before (not like that makes anyone a genius or anything) but there's quite a lot to remark on and appreciate here. Not any of my business to spoil them because the fun part is seeking then out yourself, I mean if I just told you in a WatchMojo Top 10 Hidden Jokes in The Nice Guys rundown then all you'll be thinking of my shitty self. What am I even talking about anymore? Why are you still reading this? Don't you have anything more precious to do with your time? Do I, in the 20 minutes it took to jot this down? No, no I do not. Give me likes.

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